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Floorplans 1.6 coming soon…

September 16, 2012

The development team at GreenTea software is working very hard to release the next version of Floorplans. Here are some of the most notable features to be included in the upcoming release:

  • iCloud Sync
  • Dropbox Backup
  • Support for additional furniture packs through In-App Purchase
  • New walls will automatically snap to right angles
  • Angled wall indicator
  • Performance and Stability Improvements
  • New Localizations: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese

The update is currently in beta testing. If all goes well with the iTunes App Store review process the update should be in the store by the end of September.

  1. Steve permalink

    Would be nice to be able to create custom furniture and/or shapes that can be saved

  2. Phil permalink

    As a director of a large camping facility where remodel is a daily word this App has saved mega time and money. No other app can do what it does in such a way that a non drafting worker can just sit down and lay out buildings and rooms so quickly and accurately. I actually designed my 1440 sq. ft home remodel on my iPad including set backs stairs, electrical, an Mechanical and the county accepted them as is no changes. Amazing and needed. Thanks for being there with this great app. Phil

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